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Thursday 08 Shawwāl 1439 - 21/06/2018 11:53 AM
Central Administration for Moisture testing

Moisture Testing Sector

- Performing cotton sampling for moisture testing from different
location (175 local) of cotton handling ( spinning mills, pressing companies, warehouses..ect)

- Verify and control the weight of the cotton lots.


Drawing cotton sampling            Bale’s weighing


- Updated laboratories equipped with ultramodern electronic ovens for determining  the percentage of moisture regain for cotton handled locally as well as for export , in order to ascertain the final weight according to which the International certificate will be issuued by CATGO ,includesthe corrected weight and the official moisture  regain which should exactly 8.5% of the dry weight according to the International Moisture
 Agreement of milan in 1938 .

Good Brand –Jeffreys oven system


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