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Sunday 16 Shaʿbān 1445 - 25/02/2024 1:22 AM
The International Training Center holds its course( Classer Training - Cotton Technician ) During the period from 15/5/2022 till 16/6/2022


The Central Administration for Organizing &Training ,

International Cotton Training Center (ICTC),

Planning &Marketing Administration announce

the beginning of the training program

“Cotton Classers Qualifications”

During the period 15/5/2022 till 16/6/2022

The main topics to be covered during the training program:

-         The classer's role in applying the laws of monitoring and preventing varieties from mixing.

-         Marketing & handling stages of cotton.

-         The technical procedures of ginning process.

-         Egyptian & foreign cotton classification.

-         Physical properties of cotton & fiber quality.

-         DNA tractability in Egyptian & foreign cottons.

-         Cotton contamination.

-         Moisture in cotton.

-         Arbitration procedures.

-         Human development of the Egyptian classer  


Practical Training in CATGO's labs:

Classing Hall - Ginning Hall –  Traditional & commercial Fiber testing labs – Moisture lab – Menat El-bassal cotton exchange - Micromat – H.V.I lab- Trash analyzing lab & stickiness detector  

A Visit to:

Traditional & developed ginning mill – Spinning & weaving companies – Cotton Research institute– ALCOTEXA.

*  Open discussion with chairman of CATGO.

Best wishes,,,

Planning &Marketing Administration


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