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Friday 14 Dhū al-Qaʿda 1444 - 02/06/2023 1:25 AM
Central Administration for Sworn experts


Sworn Experts Sector     

- Performing the arbitration by CATGO`s sworn experts on lint
cotton ( first instance arbitration ,
appeal ,and counter – appeal ) at
Mina EL-Bassal Exchange . After determining the lint cotton ,
CATGO issued official certificate
includes the variety name and the grade of cotton examined , on which the commercial treatments will be done and cotton processing depends  .


    Arbitration                       Appeal                             Counter Appeal


- Preparing the standard grade boxes represent the basic grades of Egyptian
cotton varieties. These boxes are certified by
CATGO`s sworn experts
and deposited in the classing rooms of the dealing parties to standardize
 process of lint cotton classing , covers
all regions .