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Thursday 02 Ramaḍān 1444 - 23/03/2023 10:37 PM
Cotton categories

Ministerial Decree No.113 of 2023

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

It is decided to cultivate the following cotton varieties in the agricultural year 2023 in Certain Governorates, Administrative Centers and Farms, which are determined by the Cotton Research Institute. The varieties are as follows

Extra Giza 92 in Kafr saad Center, Damietta Governorate

Extra Giza96 in Mutobes Center, Kafr EL-Sheikh Governorate

Super  Giza 86 in Abu Hummus and Kafr ElDawar Centers
Beheira Governorate  

Giza 97 in Quesna and Berket El Sabaa Centers ,Menoufia  Governorate

Super  Giza 94 in Beala and Hamoul Centers , Kafr EL-Sheikh

Giza 95 in Beba and Ahnasia Centers in Beni Suef  governorate and Etsa center in Fayoum Governorate

Giza 98 in DarAl-Salam in Sohag  Governorate

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