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Monday 20 Dhū al-Qaʿda 1445 - 27/05/2024 11:50 PM
Cotton categories

Ministerial Decree NO.88 of 2024 Regarding Identifying Areas of Growing Egyptian Cotton Varieties for Season 2024

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

The Ministry of Agriculture decided to cultivate the Egyptian cotton varieties for the year 2024 which are determined by the Cotton Research Institute (CRI) in certain governorates and Administration Centers as follows

Extra Giza 92 is grown in Damietta Governorate except for areas contracted of extra Giza 45, extra Giza 87, extra Giza 93 and extra Giza 96, and after achieving the required isolation distances

 The aforementioned verities are also grown in areas which are contracted for cultivating organic cotton after the approval of CRI and under its supervision in areas other than those mentioned above and after achieving the isolation distances

Extra Giza96 is grown in Kafr EL-Sheikh Governorate (Fuwwah- Metoubes

- Desouk- Sidi Salem Centers)

Super  Giza 86 is grown in El  Beheira Governorate expect  for ( Shubrakhit and ArRahmaniyah centers), Alexandria governorate and Nubaria governorate

Super Giza 94 is grown in Kafr EL-Sheikh governorate expect for (Fuwwah - Metoubes- Desouk- Sidi Salm Centers), El Gharbia governorate only (El Mahalla Center), El Sharkia , El Dakahlia , Port Said and El Ismailia Governorates

Giza 97 is grown in Menoufia, El Qalyubiya , El Sharkia Governorates and
 El Gharbia Governorate, (except for El Mahalla Center) and El Beheira Governorate (only Shbrakhit and ArRahmaniyah Centers)

Giza 95 is grown in Beni Suef, El Minya, El Fayoum  and Asyut Governorates

Giza 98 is grown in Sohag , El Wadi ElGadid  , Asyut  ,Qena  and Luxor Governorates 

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