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Monday 20 Dhū al-Qaʿda 1445 - 27/05/2024 11:52 PM
Central Administration for Organizing and Training

Central Administration for Organizing and Training


* One of the Central Administrations of the Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization that directly follow the chairman and it is one of the advisory administrations.

* As The central Administration suggests the suitable policies for organizing and training by studying the type of work in the organization for every administration, and it works on facilitating the work procedures, characterizing all the functions and rationalizing the employment according to the actual needs of every place, department and administration.

* In addition, it follows up the functional and training requirements through advanced methods to improve the level of efficient performance and economy.

* Developing the organizational structure of organization and modernizing the job description to keep pace with performance development of work and cotton activity under the changes that has been occurred in the cotton market of trade liberalization leading to alleviate the suffering of workers and dealers with CATGO.

First: General Administration for Organizing and Training

* Concerned with organizing and facilitating the work procedures of CATGO and followed by the following administrations:

a)    Administration of Organization and working methods

* Engaged in studying the organizational planning, preparing studies and researches on the simplification of work procedures in conjunction with the executive administrations through facilitating work procedures, models, archives and forms used in work in order to achieve high efficiency performance, reducing costs, carries out studies on rates performance, determine the functional decisions, characterize and develop the functions and the organizational structure to fulfill the work requirements and to improve performance

b) Administration  of function arrangement and labor force planning.

* Concerned with preparing a system for arranging functions according to the general regulations and instructions and follow up it's implementation through CATGO's departments

The administration makes also re-evaluation according to work requirements, study the budget's publications and suggest the necessary instructions and guidance

* The administration makes survey and registers CATGO's employees, determines the needs of the performance centers from employment and its type and degree in conjunction with the personal affairs department, as well as studies the need of every department and redistributes labor among departments.

* The administration studies the functional modification for some of the employees who received higher qualifications during work and re- employ them according to their qualifications and also according to work requirements.

C) Administration of training

*  Concerned with studying the training requirements of the whole Central Administrations of CATGO provided by the general managers of the Administrations and the heads of the Central Administrations concerning training of some staff in order to raise efficiency performance, development of work and keep pace with modern development of performance and work requirements whether through enroll employees to specialized and supervisory courses in the Central Administration of Organization and administration as well as training on health, occupational safety, fire, extinguish fire, first aid and other specialized programs.

*  Also, enroll some of the employees, according to the needs to computer, English and other different types of courses to keep pace with development in the performance of the government and e- government and to train employees on computer, internal and other programs to follow up the global development of information systems and modern technology.

     Second: International Cotton Training Center

* Established under a joint agreement between the Cotton Arbitration and Testing General Organization and the United Nations represented in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

* The Training Center is the only center in the Middle East works on preparing technical staff in all cotton fields and to issue a certified certificate locally and globally and has started its activities since 1980.



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